MarTech & CRM & AI Bot for SME

Driving Your Business with Marketing Technology

Pico Finance OS

Software Solution for Pico Finance

Automate Data Migration Cloud

Batch Processing Cloud

Big Data & Analytic Service

Data as a Service

Big Data Import

Big Data Export

Accounting System Enterprise

BizOS AppExchange

BizOS Command Center

CRM Automation

Finance Master

For Financial Service & Banking

ERP Automation for Manufacturing

Human Resources

Automation for All Business

Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Rental Cloud

BizOS Software Factory

BizOS Specific Applications

WorkFlow Automation

Booking Cloud

Business Intelligence (BI)

Construction and Decorate Cloud

Corporate e-form service cloud

Credit Scoring

Credit Behavior Cloud

Custodian Cloud

Deposit of Thing Cloud

Storage Cloud


Education Technology Platform

Factoring Cloud

Farm Tech

Farm Management

Floor Plan Financing Cloud

General Ledger Cloud

General Ledger Enterprise

Global Management Cloud

Payroll Cloud

Leasing & Hire Purchase Cloud

Legal Cloud


Marketing Technology for Medium & Large Business

Member Cloud

PRM Cloud

Partner Relationship Management Cloud

P2P Lending Platform

Peer to Peer Lending

Purchasing Cloud

Remedy Cloud &

Helpdesk Cloud

Rent Cloud Enterprise

Service Cloud

Service Contract Cloud

Service Order Cloud

Staff BOT

Next Level Version

Subscribe Cloud

Treasury and Wealth Management Cloud

Inventory & Warehouse

Management Cloud

MarTech for SME


Bot Staff / AI Bot for SME

Hospital System & Clinic Cloud

Hospital Information system

Pay Per Month Only , No Charge any more
No Software Installation , Using on Cloud
Support All Language in The World
Work From Anywhere & Any Device
Support 24*7 Hrs , Non Stop
Our Application & Database on IBM Cloud , High Security & No Down
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