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Management software for the law office business Designed to provide legal services related to the world, using the cloud.
By having an application that works together fully as follows
1.Contact Center – System for contact information and information related to all cases
2.Legal Case Management – Case information system that is used to make a case Supports civil cases, criminal cases, administrative cases
3.Contract Management – Contract Management System
4.Legal Accounting – Manage accounting, business, law
5.Lawyer / Officer Management – Management system for lawyers and employees in the office.
6.Schedule – Schedule system to carry out cases.
7.Activity – recording systems for making cases, such as contacting people Investigation of information
8.Budget – budget system to control the cost of making a case
9.Expense – System to record litigation expenses
10.Document Center & Images Center – All image document storage systems are Electronic File.
10.Knowledge – Knowledge management system for each case To be a knowledge base for other cases
11.AI-BOT Staff – Assistant to work for lawyers, such as helping to scan documents into the system, helping to find information from Big Data, helping to inform appointments, helping to contact customer

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