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Various businesses from small To large The new business is established. Many businesses have branches. Business with affiliated companies Open to many countries What these businesses must have in common is paying salaries or paying wages.

To meet the world of globalization The digital world, APPBankAsia, has developed a new Payroll Cloud version for the newly designed version of Global Payroll Cloud. That supports worldwide use Supports all languages Supports all currencies Supports a number of employees from 1 to 100,000 people per 1 company. Data is secured by data encryption systems like Tripple Des. There is no way to hack and support many other functions.

We provide Monthly payment- Pay monthly or pay per use – Pay will be paid.

Application Supported

– Support for use All countries around the world
– Supports all languages
– Supports every number of employees from 1 person to
– Supports all currencies
– Supports global tax calculation
– Support for both hourly, daily, monthly payments, work pieces
– Supporting foreign alien employees
– Supports employees of the type permanent, contract, temp, outsource
– Supporting businesses to make salaries for various companies
– Documents are both e-paper and ant
– Use on the cloud. Rent from us on a monthly basis.

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156.25 USD / Month | 5,000 Thai Baht / Month

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