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How does the system work?’s MarTech system Automatic synchronization with all 7 main parts as follows

1.Dig BOT: We use more than 1,000 BOTs every day, 24 hours a day, no holidays. To dig information or extract information that is publicly available from web, social, image, directory from every web site in Thailand and then stored at Big Data Database

2.Big Data Database: Collect data obtained from the work of Dig BOT and transform the data correctly. To allow Spotlight BOT to be used

3.Marketing BOT: When Marketing BOT sees the seller’s products being added, the new campaign will be created automatically and BOT will determine who is the target group. To market

4.Spotlight BOT & Analysis BOT: When you see a new campaign being created, Spotlight BOT will look at that campaign. Then will search the target group from Big Data Database and create a list to target into categories, then store it as a package in DaaS Automatically

5.Data as a Service | DaaS: Collecting package information of target groups derived from the work of Spotlight BOT for Promote BOT to promote.

6.Promote BOT: will send promote to the target group from Spotlight BOT by sending out to various channels according to the campaign created by BOT automatically, and in the content used to promote promote a link to the web site sold for the group to see and when the target group sees Will automatically place an order by clicking into the seller’s website or contacting the contact center BOT

7.Contact Center BOT / Sale BOT and Sale Human: When the target group is promoted Sent out by the Promote BOT, and some of them will order in the seller’s website, but some will want to ask for more information before ordering Will contact the Contact Center BOT, Agent BOT will automatically accept and answer various questions But if some questions contact center BOT cannot answer, will forward to Sale Human who is the real person Then close the sale by allowing customers to order via the web site and the order information will be automatically sent to the CRM system of APPBankAsia so that the BOT back home will continue to manage

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