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The program that works automatically for all types of business.

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Is your business ready to enter the AI ​​/ Robot / BOT era? Have you met the Staff BOT service that works for auto workers for all types of businesses from And you will find that you can do business with only one person, the rest. Staff BOT works instead.

With the advantages of Staff BOT
1.Working Every Day 7 * 24: Work every day, 24 hours a day.
1.No Salary: do not pay salaries
2.No Overtime: No Overtime
3.No Welfare: No welfare
4.No Internal Politics: No political issues
5.No Sick: No illness

Examples of Staff BOT usage
– Customer Service BOT: Answer questions to people who contact automatically or answer questions at BOT from another location. Contact automatically.
– Helpdesk BOT: Get problems automatically, people find solutions to solve problems automatically and auto replies.
– Marketing BOT: Automatic marketing planning, automatic campaign creation, customer target search, automatic, automatic competitor analysis and automatic promotion
– Sale BOT: For the system to sell automatically
– Purchase BOT: The system will analyze and purchase automatically.
– Accounting BOT: The system will process transactions and automatically account.
– Service BOT: Automatic service such as booking, booking, queue
– Chat BOT: Automatic talk between people and BOT, or between BOT and BOT
– SMS BOT: find target groups and send SMS for Promote automatically
– Voice BOT: Find target groups and Voice Call to Customer Target automatically
– Email BOT: find target groups and send Email to Customer Target automatically
– Audit BOT: Automatic internal audit
– Approve BOT: Approve documents or transactions instead of automatic ones.
– HR BOT: Automatic evaluation of work, automatic warning issued, automatic compliment, job applicant evaluation, automatic salary calculation
– Programmer BOT: to write programs instead of programmers who are automated. With languages ​​such as C, Java, PHP, R, Python, SQL, Store Procedure, Function etc.
– Support BOT / IT BOT: Automatically serve as a production support for problems occurring while using the system.
– Monitor BOT: Monitor functions to alert various problems That will happen What is green What is yellow? What is red? To fix the problem first
– Security BOT: Security functions, notification of abnormal reports, connected to sensors from various IoT devices
– Production BOT: System for automatic production control
– Test BOT: for testing various functions instead of people
– Bending Lending Analysis: Performing a credit analysis instead of an automated person. Based on data from Big Data
– Lending Approve BOT: Credit approval function instead of automatic Based on data from Big Data
– Dunning BOT: Performing automatic debt tracking through various channels
– Treasury BOT: Manage money matters The investment of various business automation
– Control BOT: Control functions. Budget automatically. Spend over the budget
– Administration BOT: Acting Grant Authorized / Granting privileges instead of Admin Automatic
– Big Data BOT: to process and find the target group from the internet network automatically
– Entry BOT: acting as an employee for automatic data recording Key information to various forms, etc.
– And More BOT: and many more

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