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Corporate e-form service is an E-form system for organizations that want to work as paperless and work through a workflow system that supports Certified ISO businesses, a system that does not require paper and can be used with all intermet compliant devices. Various screens Safe with all items With every item being encoded with Triple des and Digital signature. With MD5, employees can send a letter from the e-form screen. When suvmit, the letter will be sent to the chief. And informing him that he has been granted permission

What forms of corporate e-form service are included?
1. Employment approval form
2. Application form
3. Form of interview summary form
4. Invitation letter form for interview
5. Form for rejecting candidates
6. Employment contract form
7. Guarantee contract form to work
8. Evaluation form for orientation
9. Employment confirmation form
10. Form of work assignment
11. Evaluation form during trial work
12. Annual performance evaluation form
13. Job adjustment form
14. Contract adjustment form
15. Leaf form
16. Approval form for changing working hours
17. Overtime Work Request Form
18. Employee status change notification form
19. Form for submission of medical treatment
20. Welfare Loan Request Form
21. Welfare loan contract form
22. Scholarship application form
23. Training Requirements Survey Form
24. Request for approval for external training
25. External training report form
26. Invitation letter form for speakers
27. Book form thanking the speaker
28. Internal Training Evaluation Form
29. Evaluation form for follow-up After training
30. Capital contract form For education / training
31. Employee Opinion Survey Form
32. The fact investigation form In the case of an offense
33. Disciplinary punishment form
34. Letter of consent to pay To pay damages
35. Form of termination letter Due to not passing the trial
36. Form of resignation
37. Check List form for employees who resign
38. The Employee Property Inspection Form
39. Staff inquiry form that resigns / Exit Interview
40. Work certificate form
41. Salary certificate form
42. Employee Certificate Form
43. Form to compliment employees who do good deeds
44. Form of condolence letter In the case of family members passed away

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