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Application for construction or interior decoration business is an application that will help you work on time, on budget and with quality. Suitable for business. All types of construction, interior decoration business Support business size from small To reach a large size, support to use in all languages ​​around the world, use on the Cloud system by users who pay monthly rental, work on all devices such as Note, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet by companies that do not need to buy Server, No need to have a server license, no program installation at the client machine, no IT staff, because we and our partners take care of the tenant to just register -> pay rent -> training and work.

Consists of applications that work together as follows
1.Project management – Project management
2.Contract Management and Sub Contract management – Contract and Sub Contract management system
3.Contact center – Contact management system
4.Job order management – Schedule management system and assignment
6.Labour & Wage Calculation – labor calculation and pay system
7. Material Management & Purchase – System for purchasing and managing materials for construction
8.Transportation – delivery management system
9. Maintenance – maintenance system
10.Construction Accounting – Accounting system for construction business
11.Supplier management – Equipment supplier management system
12.Partner relationship management – Partner management system Participating in the project
13.Budget management – Budget management system To gain profit
14. Quality Management – Quality monitoring system
15.Camp mamagement – Camp workers management system
16.Document management – Digital document management system
17.Dashboard – Moitory system Project overview

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