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Application for deposit business Accepting goods for sale Pet deposit And will be stored at the warehouse of the service provider or if it is a pet, it will be kept to the room of the pet that has been designed safely.

Suitable for the business of making a warehouse for rent, an apartment business that brings a room that does not have a tenant to deposit their possessions, pet deposit business, animal clinic business.

– The system can allow customers to register items or pets that need to be deposited in advance and make an appointment for the time to bring items / pets to deposit. To store in the phone or print out to stick to the product / hanging neck
– Can be charged on a monthly / hourly / daily / Sunday / month / year basis and according to the size and weight
– able to support the withdrawal of goods from the warehouse in the event that the sale is made and the service provider sends to the customer In the mailing address or the delivery service provider
– Notification system to pick up items back In the event that the end of the deposit is close
– and many other functions

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