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Application under the APPBankAsia CRM system comes out for businesses that sell products / services that have to go through a dealer. There is a distribution level of dealers, credit is given, each dealer’s discount is not the same, there is training for dealers, subsidies for dealers, sales targets are defined. With each dealer, recruiting dealers and assessing whether they should be accepted as dealers or not, agents can register via Web / Mobile to apply for a listing agent Function and much more.

With features As follows
1.Contact – store dealer information, contact, address and other details
2.Partner Account – Store dealer profiles Such as dealership, credit, discount, support budget, contact list, address etc.
3.Campaign & Pricing – For issuing campaign and pricing for each dealer
4.Forecast – for determining the sales target To each dealer
5.Training – for training To dealers
6.Registration & Recruitment – For registration as a dealer and assessment
7.Budget – for the dealer support budget
8.Notify Service – for notifications such as new products etc.
9.Reporting – Issue reports and send automated reports to Auto attendant with AI-BOT

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