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Application for all types of rental business such as car rental business, motorbike rental, office equipment rental, computer rental, program rental, machine rental, apartment rental, house rental, condo rental, office space rental, etc. with helpers at Helping you to manage your system automatically with APPBankAsia’s AI-BOT to work instead of people and months.

With features As follows
1.Contact – collect tenant information
2.Rent Product – for recording the information of products / services for rent
3.Booking – for booking products / services in advance for rental
4.Rent Contract – for creating a lease
5.Money Receive – for receiving rental payments
6.Get Rental Product – For goods / services for rent
7.Return Rental Product – For return of products / services upon the due date of rental
8.Refund Money for refund of rent
9.Notify Service – to notify customers to receive service and notify the contract to expire automatically Various channels
9.Reporting – Issue reports and send automated reports to Auto attendant with AI-BOT

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