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Manage business type, accept membership and collect monthly membership fees. Application Subscribe Cloud with automatic CRM system, automatic payment notification system, automatic subscriber fee / automatic subscriber bill payment, suitable for businesses such as business answering. Become a member online, business, tutoring business, business for members to read journals or books online, rental business programs, mailing business , Comes with an assistant that helps you manage your system automatically with APPBankAsia’s AI-BOT.

With features As follows
1. Create a package to allow members to choose a package to view / read / use monthly as Pakage Silver, Gold, Platinum, Beyond ..
2. Record Subscriber data
3. Subscriber renewal
4. Subscriber cancellation
5. Changing Subscriber Package
6. Promotion to Subscriber
7. Notification for renewal of Subscriber
8. Subscriber bill deduction
9. Answering Member Questions with BOT-Customer Service
10. Linking with CRM system

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