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The purchasing system from APPBankAsia is designed for all businesses. Can connect data from various providers / suppliers / vendors / plants automatically Supporting Inter Company operations. Automatic linking of purchase orders to Dealer / Supplier / Vendor Buy with people or AI-BOT.

More features
• Can work as an Inter Company, meaning that when the system issues a purchase order from the BizOS Enterprise system, the system will send a Trigger to allow the other server to automatically create a Sale Order or when the other system creates the delivery order and the system will Trigger to create a receipt for the other side to automatically
• If the purchase order is an asset, the system will automatically link to set up the property registration with Print QRCode and automatically install RFID and link to the maintenance system to plan maintenance. Warranty card collection To enter the Document Center system automatically
• Able to evaluate the Vendor Score Card that the product to buy will be purchased from anyone who can see from the Vendor Score Card that the system can evaluate.
• can determine Will be a purchase order or AI-BOT approved
• Can be assessed in months / quarters / year as a Vendor. In order to evaluate the quality and satisfaction, which one should you order or who will not order again?
• Support domestic and international orders
• Can be automatically linked to the Web Market Place
• Tax rates and taxation types can be defined in both separate and excluded taxes.
• can set the delivery date for the order
• Able to set up a system for requesting approval to purchase through the Work Flow system for use as the internal control system of the company.
• able to check the purchase history, such as the date of purchase, purchase price, purchase amount of each product type From the previously purchased From each seller is backward
• able to check the outstanding products of each vendor
• When recording purchases The program will set up creditors. Add products in stock, issue purchase tax reports Automatically account and receive purchase analysis reports and purchase reports by date Sort by seller Sort by product, sort by department
• Return report And issuing credit notes
• Debt report
• Fresh purchase reports sorted by date Sort by seller Sort by product
• Price report of products purchased n times later
• Purchase request report
• Purchase Order Report Sort by date Sort by department and product Sort by product and seller
• Receiving product reports Sort by date Sort by department and product Sort by products and vendors sorted by department
• Summary of monthly purchase
• Summary of annual purchases
• New monthly credit report
• Can be linked to the MRP (Material Requiment Planning) system in order to create an EDI system in the issuance of P / O electronic certificates to the supplier.
• and many other capabilities

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