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For financial businesses, it is important to have credit analysis tools with credit analysis tools from APPBankAsia that can analyze the credit of customers before they become customers and after being customers. Importantly, the system can automatically connect data from NCB or the National Credit Information Center to be a part of credit analysis. Can connect to Host to Host or Batch at all

Other additional features
• It is a system used to calculate credit scoring for each customer. The source of the loan request
• able to set conditions for credit analysis of customers by type of customers
• Can connect credit information to NCB in both Host to Host and Batch type
• Can determine the factors in credit analysis without limiting factors such as
• Personal factors (Gender, status, age)
• Accommodation factors (Domicile, current address, area, ownership, duration of residence)
• Working factors (Position, job age, income level, organization score)
• Organization rating (organization form, registered capital, industry trends, processing time, payroll)
• Contact factors (Phone number, contact at work)
• Data reliability factors (Financial documents, check calls)
• other
• able to calculate points for customers after the contract has been made and customers come for a credit behavior
• Can print out the credit analysis report
• Able to store history of each credit analysis

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