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The new version of APPBankAsia has been upgraded to support the new global accounting standard, IFRS9 (International Financial Reporting Standards) that is used worldwide. And being used in Thailand Especially the companies in the stock market Accounting system for business accounting for clients (Accounting Firm).

And designed for accounting business for a particular client (Accounting Firm) that can work simultaneously for many companies that are customers and can process off the end of the month At the same time, many companies, can be used from small to large businesses by supporting.
1. Multi-company operation – Multi Company
2. Multi-branch operation – Multi Branch
3. Multi-country operation – Multi Country
4. Multi-function operation – Multi Language
5. Multi-currency operation – Multi Currency
6. Can create financial statements on their own with tools – Financial Report Wizard

Other features (Common Function)

  • Can record a Compound Entry account (debit and how many credits)
  • Can save unlimited data items
  • The program will automatically post (Posting) to the ledger.
  • Can search for information by date, journal, document number And various details
  • Can divide the department, project / job
  • Can keep daily data for a year or skip to other years
  • Can create, edit, delete the chart of accounts
  • Can set the current annual budget or advance For use in comparison
  • Can set accounting period in each period
  • Can issue various reports immediately as needed
  • Can print reports according to the type of voucher
  • Can print slip vouchers such as vouchers, vouchers, general vouchers and others
  • Can create financial statements such as balance sheets, statements of income, comparative statements Cash Flow Statement
  • Daily data reports sorted by date or sorted by document number
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Ledger report
  • Summary report ledger
  • Trial Balance Report and Paper
  • Budget details report
  • Report of chart of accounts
  • Balance Report

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