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Service order is an application for customer service Designed for business That customers must use at the store, such as car service center business, car repair business , Business service center for repairing, car wash business, washing / laundry-drying business, dog raising, animal treatment business Comes with an assistant that helps you manage your system automatically with APPBankAsia’s AI-BOT.

With features As follows
1. Booking queue for online services
2. Services Both booking and emergency
3. Customers can monitor job status from anywhere via Internet / Mobile in realtime.
4. Manage backyard work, Assign job for workers, receive money, charge wages, automatic accounting
5. Safe from fraud of internal staff
6. Owners can monitor work from anywhere that they can use Smart Phone.
7. The owner can manage many shops at the same time, whether it is 10 stores or more than 10 stores with only one person.

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