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Service contract is an application for the service contract under the BizOS CRM Cloud system designed for business That must have a service contract with customers such as spa business, car service center business, housekeeping business, machinery maintenance business, termite removal business, computer care service business and many more Comes with an assistant that helps you manage your system automatically with APPBankAsia’s AI-BOT.

With features As follows
1.Service Contract – Create service contract Both create new contracts and renewal contracts
2.Service Schedule – Service plan according to the contract
3.Service Calendar – Create service calendar Go to the service staff and go to the client’s calendar.
4.Service Product – Create service package for service according to service contract.
5.Service Job – Create a job for employees to serve each customer according to the service calendar.
6.Quotation – Automatic Quotation with AI-BOT and automatic delivery
7.Invoice – Create Invoice, Billing and Automatic Money Cutting
8.Notify – notify customers to receive service and notify the contract to expire automatically Various channels
9.Reporting – Issue reports and send automated reports to the Manager with AI-BOT.

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