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Product management system / materials / raw materials / components and warehouses.

Advanced Function
– Support all types of products around the world
– Supports multiple warehouses in countries and countries around the world
– Support connection with the mechanical arm (Smart Warehouse) in the product to store or take the product from the storage location (Bin-Location)
– Support warehouse rental business or rent warehouse from many clients / Customer
– Round of connection with Robot
– Supports product types that are old and have no expiration

Common Function
– able to store product registration information Can be divided into product groups, types and product history information
– can choose the method of costing in 2 ways, namely the average moving cost method and the first-in-first-out method (FIFO – First in First out)
– Can specify product categories, brand products for sales analysis reports and others
– can set the minimum balance And the highest balance In order to report that the product is running out
Or too much
– can determine which products Exempt from VAT
– can set the standard purchase price, can make Packing system (products have many units counting), such as a dozen pieces, box chests
– able to make products, services that are products that do not have unlimited stock
– Support for work / storage of multiple warehouses
– can set the selling price unlimited
– can determine the appropriate purchase quantity There is a production formula to help in production planning and
Procurement of products as a set (SET)
– Can record products / read product codes that are Bar Code or Serial Number
– Can record products as LOT
– able to save the withdrawal item, use to produce the sample product And cutting damaged products
– able to save items to improve the product reduction

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