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Batch Processing Cloud from APPBankAsia

Batch Processing is software developed by APPBankAsia to serve Processing data or processing to issue reports or processing to send data from one system to another according to the date and time required to process the system such as

– allow the processing system to issue automatic invoices to send to customers via SMS or via email at 23.00 every day
– Providing automatic processing system for accounting every day at 22.00
– allow the system to calculate interest To recognize revenue & lt; Interest Accrual & gt; Every the end of month
– Processing for the automatic closing system When the customer has paid in full

System features

1. Can Execute Program in many categories, whether it is Windows Script Host, Unix Shell Script, Store Procedure, Executable Program
2. Can bring various programs to schedule in Execute each day and each day can do many rounds.
3. Dependency job can be set if the job has been assigned to the Dependency job, if the job has not run yet, the next job can not run even if the job is time to run
4.Job that will bind the Batch Job is different from each other and can be in different platforms such as on Windows Server 2012, AS / 400, Mainframe, Linux, Unix, Solaris
5. In each job that is assigned to work, you can send an SMS to notify the administrator / Admin. For example, when starting to run Job 1, the system will send an SMS informing the Admin that Job 1 is already done.
When Job 1 Run is finished, will send SMS to inform the Admin that it has finished running, but if during the processing of Job Fail / Job Abend, the system will send SMS to inform the administrator / Admin to resolve the issue.
6. Print Job Sheet can be checked.
7. During processing in each job, there is no need to let the user stop working.
8. If the job that is under processing then Fail, Admin can Force Complete
9.Job can set to run every day / every week / every month / every quarter / every 6 months / every year and each day can set the job to work in many rounds.
10. There is a monitor screen that can be used between the processing system and the job, and how many jobs to finish.
11. Can determine which days are stopped and that day does not require the processing system

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