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What is a Custodian system?
Is a system that collects documents about all collateral, such as land title deeds, car registration books, account books, gold, diamonds, and other assets that are collateral designed for business. Finance, loan, pledge business, custodian business, and property custody, mortgage business and other related matters

such as

– Example when customers use the car pledge loan service When the contract is approved The operation department will then bring the real car registration book to the warehouse that can be collected, which can specify which warehouse to store, what class, box, and what bin-location will be calculated. Automatically, with barcode / QRCode / RFID attached to the property or collateral If the payment contract has been closed, the system will return the registration to the car owner.
– Another example when customers deposit assets at the depository company Because kept at home is not safe Because of having to travel to various countries for many days These customers will come to use the depository company. The system will then take it to the warehouse where the floor is, where the system can automatically check that it will be used to store the location, which can charge daily or individual deposits. Month
– Or use to store the check receipt in advance to keep / Post Date Check up to 1 day of due date, the system will notify the check to withdraw the check that is due to be deposited next.
– By applying the Custodian system to manage In many jobs
– The system can manage both incoming and outgoing documents
– Before the actual documents can be collected to various warehouses, the system will first scan the document into the Document Imaging Center in order to store it as an Electronic document.
– The system can be connected to the Smart Warehouse by connecting via a mechanical arm API to automatically pick up documents.
– Can check the real documents via RFID system
– Before the property / collateral is collected to the warehouse, the system will calculate the capacity before going to which warehouse to store, what floor, rack, what channel can support the weight.
– For controlling documents such as Registration book, real contract data set Where is the store, Warehouse
– able to create a warehouse and location to store documents
– Documentation procedures, document borrowing, document return Or the date of delivery of documents
– can charge insurance for the registration book in case the customer can borrow out first
– Can allow the system to charge a fine in the case of late return of the registration book
– Support Barcode / QRCode / RFID
– and many more features

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