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Application for managing Case / Incident arising from use of products / services occurring within the organization Or arising from the use of customers For organizations that want to manage problems that arise from the use of various products in a systematic and efficient manner.

Sample working flow
1. Helpdesk team receives problems / incident From customers coming in
2. The Helpdesk team checks, determines the level of urgency for incident such as Critical, High, Medium, Low and saves the case to Remedy Cloud.
3. The Helpdesk team sends an Incident to the team that fixes each type of problem. Ready to set the time to complete
4. The team that received the Incident from Helpdesk made the solution. If the problem is urgent Will have to do if the Workaround Solution is first to allow the soil work first Then proceed to Permanent Fix later
5. The team that solved the problem, returned the Helpdesk, solved the problem and identified the Root Cause and Solution to solve the problem.
6.Helpdesk informs the customer that the problem is resolved and can continue working.
7.Helpdesk Closing Case / Incident Which must be approved by the Incident manager first

Work flow can be adjusted according to each organization and the system comes with an assistant that helps you manage the system for you automatically with APPBankAsia’s AI-BOT to work instead of people reporting various months automatically.

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