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Rental business management system Support all types of rental business such as car rental business, machinery rental business, football field rental business, apartment rental business, office equipment rental business, rental area business, various equipment business, computer rental business, software rental business and business Other rental.

– Support rental business both in the country And abroad around the world
– Supports all languages ​​on the world that Google Translate and Google BOT can translate
– Supports exchange rates worldwide
– Support for all types of payment, Cash, Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Money Transfer
– Support for rent from Rent on a monthly basis, rent as an rental, hourly rental, daily rental, weekly rental, monthly rental, yearly rental
– Supports deposit and / or prepayment systems
– Connect to Invoicing / Billing System
– Connect to the insurance system
– Connect to CRM system
– Connect to the repair / maintenance system
– Connect to the Helpdesk system
– Connect to back office / back accounting system
And much more

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