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BizOS Command Center is a software that we developed to be the brain of our BizOS system in order to work in the background to automate work, everything, every activity by accepting orders from Application / AI-BOT / Internal Application and whether Can come from any platform. Every platform supports Trigger / Request Message that comes from BizOS system itself or from Window Service, Unix Service, Linux Service, Mobile Service, Mainframe Service, AS / 400 Service such as accepting orders for the BizOS system. Report and send the report to the user, accept For account processing, receiving orders, transferring money, receiving orders for accounting, receiving orders to send Promote, accepting orders, calling to find customers, receiving orders, closing accounts, receiving orders for Ban, those who contacted and spoke badly , Receive orders from customers, send Trigger commands to other systems to work, such as sending SMS, sending reports to, to fix problems and many more …

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