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BizOS WorkFlow is a Workflow system at APPBankAsia.Com Developed to be able to work as an approved person or AI-BOT / approved robot, the creation of WorkFlow can determine whether a person is a builder or AI-BOT is a builder. Can create workflows for all types of work. Such as job recruitment, contract approval, purchase, receipt, leave, resignation, training, inspection, production, repair, withdrawal and many more.

With features As follows
1. Can config to approve many people, must approve everyone to pass or can approve any one to pass
2. Can set how much the user must level up to be able to approve
3. Can set whether this step must approve / action within a few hours. Otherwise, the auto cancellation system will be canceled.
4. Can specify that when that user approve / reject, send email to notify everyone in the workflow.
5. Can automate generate in each step, such as workflow in the approval of the leaflet. When the employee create a slip and submit it, the system will send it to that person’s head.
6. Can create a link to approve via email, sms.
7. able to determine if the things that approve
8.User each can see that What work will come to him? revièw / approve
9. If Sser, the person who stops, must be able to set who can approve instead of as many as 5 levels.
10.User that person can delegate to other users, such as subordinates review / approve instead
11. There is a tool to change the user id. If that user resigns
12. There is a function Approve all means when pressing this function will be able to approve every step automatically.
13. Some steps can be configured to AI-BOT approve by putting business logic into conditions to trigger approve or reject.
14. Have a KPI to control who action is not timely.
15. And many other functions

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