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The personnel management and administration system Which covers all functions, the work of HR is the most developed by APPBankAsia with 100% Thai people, with applications under this Human Resource system, more than 39 Applications combined

For this product, it supports all types of businesses and all sizes of businesses. Can be shared from affiliated companies, renting a system consisting of 39 systems

BizOS Human Resources Automation consists of the following applications

1.Employee Master: Employee History Registration System
2.Time & Attendance: Employee attendance and leave system
3.Payroll: system to calculate wages and pay salaries for employees
4.Welfare: Employee welfare system
5.Appraisal: Employee evaluation system
6.Training: Employee training system
7.Taxation: Employee Tax Calculation System
8.Work Flow: Work Flow system
9.Global Setting: System initial configuration
10.Reporting Service: Reporting system
11.AI-BOT Staff: A system that is a robot in the computer system to work instead of an automatic person.
12.Outsource Management: Outsource employee management system
13.First Aid Room Management: Nursing room system
14.General Affair Management: Admin system
15.Print form service: Print system, books such as Salary certificate
16.Mobile Office Management: Management system for employees working outside the field
17.Employee Self Service: A system that allows employees to access to view information, print or update information themselves.
18.Food and Canteen Management: Restaurant management system, cafeteria
19.Vehicle Management: Car Management System
20.Meeting Room Management: Management system for meeting room use
21.Stock Stationary Management: Stock stationary system of the company
22.Provident Fund Management: Provident fund management system for employees
23.Security Management: Company security system
24.Funeral Management: Employee and family work system
25.Trainee Management: Management system for trainees
26.Mate Management: Housekeeping management system of the office
27.Man Power Management: Manpower management system
28.Time Sheet Management: system to record the work done on a daily basis of employees What each day does
29.Employee Booking Management: Tool booking system Various appliances of employees
30.Doctor Fee: Medical wage calculation system
31.Employee Movement Management: Employee Migration Management System
32.Notice Automation: warning and control system
33.Merit Automation: Letter of compliment system
34.Knowledge and Skill Management: Knowledge management system and staff competency management
35.Employee Complaint Management: Employee Complaint Management System
36.Employee Contract Management: Employee contract management system
37.Union Management: The system manages the union within the company.
38.Recruitment Management: Recruitment System
39.Resignment Management: Management system that resigns

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