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The application that we developed for that particular business and brought various applications of BizOS system together. Like we assembled cars

To provide business services Each type is specific, specific (Native), complete with everything, no need to develop more, no need to customize anything.

BizOS Specific Application supports the following types of business and job types:
1.Queue Cloud
2.Real Estate Broker Cloud
3.Lottery Tech
4.Share Tech
5.Shop Tech
6.Menu Tech for Food
7.Build Cloud
8.Report Builder Cloud
9.Form Cloud
10.Borrow Cloud
11.POS Cloud
12.Business Plan Cloud
13.Project Management Cloud
14.Food Tech Cloud
15.Investment Tech Cloud
16.Hospitality Clinic Cloud
17.Deposit Cloud
18.Audit Cloud
19.Farm Tech
20.Restaurant Tech
21.Mate Management Cloud
22.Sport Cloud
23.Wash Tech
24.Outsource Cloud
25.Co-Working Space Cloud
26.Parking Cloud
27.Consignment Cloud
28.Security Cloud
29.Decoration Cloud
30.Horoscope Tech
31.Franchise Cloud
32.Garage Tech
33.Affiliate Cloud
35.Hotels & Resort Tech
36.MLM Tech
37.Driving School
38.Data Migration Cloud
39.Agri Tech
40.Village Management
41.Club House Management
42.Meeting Room
44.Market Management
45.Travel Tech
46.Job / Task Management
47.Gig Tech for Gig Economy
48.Prop Tech For Property & Real Estate
49.IoT for Home & Village , Office , Factory , School , Farm

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