BizOS Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

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The system for businesses that are sold through dealers or sold through a dealer that must manage each partner that is different, such as different prices, different discounts, different products, different options, etc.

For this product, we provide all sizes of business. Renting a system consisting of 15 working systems connected to the CRM system.

BizOS Partner Relationship Management (PRM) consists of applications divided into 4 main parts as follows.

A.Partner Recruitment and Planning
1.Partner Recruitment
2.Partner Account Management
3.Partner Training
4.Channel Plans
B.Partner Marketing
1.Lead Management
2.Partner Communication
3.Fund and Budgeting
4.Document Management
C.Partner Selling
1.Deal Registration
2.Lead and Opportunities Management
3.Pricing Management
4.Work Flow

D.Partner Analytic
1.Sales Analytic

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