Accounting Enterprise Version 2019

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Accounting system that covers work in various parts Of accounting work The most comprehensive This system can be used with businesses, either small, medium, or large.

In order to ensure the operation is fast, accurate and most effective And to support organizations that enter the Cloud era and connect to e-Government systems such as connecting to the e-Revenue system of the Revenue Department

With the flexibility and support of the system
• Cloud-based system, we provide services for customers to rent using the system The company that does not have to buy a server, does not need a server license, does not have to install the program on the client machine, does not require an IT staff because we and our partners take care of the tenant to just register -> pay rent -> training Use and work at all
• Multi Company support
• Supporting multi-branch companies (Multi Branch)
• Multi language support (Multi Language)
• Multi User Support
• Real time system operation
• Multi currency exchange support

Accounting Software consists of various work systems Related as follows
• General Ledger System
• Customer Information
• Vendor/Supplier (Vendor/Supplier Information
• Sales Order Management
• Purchasing System
• Inventory and raw material control system
• Account Receivable
• Account Payable
• Payment and Receiving System
• Cheque and Bank System
• Tax Center System
• Assets Management System
• Reporting Service
• Budgeting
• Debt tracking and payment systems
• Center and Security System
• Workflow Service

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