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Automate Data Migration Cloud -> New Version

Data Migration Assistant for you automatically from Any Data Source to Any Database Server. Only one person can do it, No need to buy expensive software migration, don’t have to hire someone to make Data Migration difficult, no need to buy a server to waste money, No need to say that Migrate will be correct.

With the features of the system that is compliant with the Data Migration Approach at the world level, with the ability to rent the system on an hourly basis

-Automate Analysis Source System

2.Extract and Profiling
-Automate Extract Master Data and Transaction Data
-Automate Column Profiling Analysis
-Automate Check Dependency & Unique & Redundancy Analysis
-Automate Make Data Pattern
-Automate Check Data Quality

3.Data Cleansing
-Automate Cleanse data based on Business Rules
-Automate Match & Merge Duplicate Data
-Automate Generate Cleansed Report

4.Data Validation
-Automate Run Check Data Validation
-Automate Run Preload Data
-Automate Generate Preload Report

5.Load Data to Target
-Automate Load Data into Target System
-Automate Inform Exception Handling

-Automate Generate Post Load Report

-Automate Generate Post Load Error Report
-Business User Review Report and SignOff

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