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Virtual Software Factory on Cloud 100% Which is a tool that will replace the programmer as a person, a person tester, supporter who is using AI-BOT instead of under the product named BizOS Software Factory.

Advanced to the next level of APPBankAsia.Com Developer and management of rental of business software on the cloud

The tool that will replace the Programmer who is a person, a tester that is a person, a Deploymenter who is a person, Supporter who is a person and a related person using our AI-BOT instead under the product named BizOS Software Factory. Don’t worry about Programmer or Tester Will resign, worry about expensive wages, those who are too expensive, worry about delivery of late jobs, out of line, come late or leave because our BizOS Software Factory is a working robot 24 hours every day, no There are no holiday leave not hurt to have aided patients. No problems with internal.

By this Application Software will act

1.AI-BOT Programmer: Generate Programmer function according to the requirement of Business User entered through BizOS Software Factory which will get the output in language
These are PHP, Delphi, Java, HTLM5, C / C ++, Store Procedure, Function, Schema, Table, Index, Cobol, Python, C #, R, Curl, COBOL/400 & CL, RPG/400, IBM COBOL Batch & JCL, IBM COBOL CICS, Shell Script, Batch File, TANDEM COBOL
2.AI-BOT Test: will test the program automatically and create Test Result automatically.
3.AI-BOT Documenter: Automatically create relevant documents, such as manuals, documents, and Deploy Program.
4.AI-BOT Deploymenter: Create Package and Deploy Program to Test or use on Production
5.AI-BOT Supporter: Automatically support User Support after the Deploy Program is Production

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