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Educational application, exam for students and the general public who use the Big Data Technology and Technology AI in teaching and making data Come out for users to use easily

Consists of the following main components
1.Big Data Examination – is a content library and exam library that has been collected for over 20 years
2.AI Tutor – Using Technology AI as a Tutor for users
3.AI Exam – This is the use of AI technology to simulate the exam. The exam comes from easy to find, difficult to find, or combined with solutions and methods.
4.AI Homework – Use AI as an assistant to do homework. How to do
5.AI Notification – Use AI as a notification, such as surfing words, reciting formulas, submitting summaries, examining questions. Send the problem to try, which the system will send at various times that the system assesses which delivery is based on AI learning machine.

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