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Ready to open the service for renting this Platform for those who are doing business Systems or electronic networks for personal loan transactions between individuals and individuals or businesses. P2P Lending

Contains Module
1.Big Data – Automatically find lenders and borrowers.
2.CRM – Customer care system and customer identity (KYC)
3.AI Scoring – Assess the borrower’s request with AI according to the scoring requirements.
4.P2P Lending – Acting as a contract and related to all contracts. From the beginning of the contract until the end of the contract
5.Backoffice – Watch back home, pay, receive money, accounts, notifications, risk management and many more.

By Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform from APPBankAsia.Com Will act as an intermediary In the loan agreement between the lender And borrowers who are natural persons The business operator must be a company or a public limited company with a Thai nationality of not less than 75% and must have a minimum capital of 5 million baht throughout the course of business. The interest rate that is loaned through the platform will not exceed 15%. Will follow the market mechanism According to the Bank of Thailand rules and regulations that will be announced later this year.

By those who are doing P2P Lending business that doesn’t want to develop their own P2P software And takes a very long time Can come to rent and use the service with APPBankAsia.Com can now bring Cloud Software Peer to Peer Lending Platform from APPBankAsia to test at the Bank of Thailand sandbox system. That will be open at the end of this year In order to receive the first certificate.

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