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World class CRM Automation system from APPBankAsia, developed by 100% Thai people, with more than 55 applications under our CRM Free unlimited

BizOS CRM Automation consists of 55 systems as follows:
1.Big Data Import: System to find the target group (Lead) from the Internet and automatically import Big Data Database.
2.Big Data Database: The target database system (Lead) obtained from the Big Data Database system. The system and AI-BOT will separate the groups so that they can be used quickly and conveniently.
3.Big Data Promote: System that promotes products or services to target groups from Big Data database automatically to all channels such as Social, Web, Email, Mail, SMS, Line, Google, …
4.Big Data Export: The system that exports data from the Big Data database and imports to other customers’ systems.
5.Contact Center: Contact database storage system Which is the information obtained from Lead
6.Marketing Cloud: Market management system by people who are the operators
7.Sales Cloud: Sales management system operated by people
8.Activities: Activities management system of Contact and Account
9.Team Management: Team management system within the organization
10.Campaign: Marketing Campaign Management System
11. Call Center: Call / Line / Chat management system from the contact customer
12.Asset: System to manage asset of contact such as maintenance, repair report, ..
13.Case & Solution: System to manage problems and answer problems received from customers.
14.Forecasting: Sales Force System
15.Competitor: assessment system for each competitor for products / services
16.Contract: Contract management systems such as contracts, subscrube, lease agreements, service agreements, …
17.Document: Document management system of Contact
18.Console & Dashboard: Dashboard creation system
19.Booking: Booking system
20.Monitoring: System Monitor Case, Activity, Problem, …
21.Notes: Note storage system
22.Opportunities: Opportunity management system
23.Products & Services & Pricing: Products & Services management system and pricing according to Price List, Standard Price, ..
24.Partner Relationship Management: Partner Management System
25.Ideas: Idea system
26.FAQ: Question management system that people often ask
27.Territory Management: Work area management system such as sales area, service area
28.Wealth Management: Wealth Management System of Contact
29.Sales force Automation: The system allows AI-BOT to sell automatically.
30.Customer & Partner Database: Customer and partner database system
31.Order Management: Order & Invoicing & Delivery Management System
32.Time & Schedule: Schedule management system
33.Complaint Management: System to manage and handle customer complaints
34.Analysis & Report: Analysis and report system
35.Service Contract: Service contract management system for various services
36.Customer Service: Customer notification system
37.Knowledge Based: Knowledge management system to allow AI-BOT to answer questions automatically
38.Marketing Automation: Systems that allow AI-BOT to market and promote products and services automatically
39.Budget Management: Manage budget received such as marketing budget
40.Products Recommendation: The product management and evaluation system recommended for each customer is operated by AI-BOT.
41.Officer Center: Database management system of Staff / Officer
42.Rental: rental system for products or services
43.Remedy: Incident / Problem Management System
44.Work Flow: Work Flow system or allow to send approval to various stations automatically
45.Automation Online Seller: The system allows AI-BOT to process and sell. Find Market Place automatically to Amazon, Lazada and others.
46.E-mail & Web Marketing
47.Google Ads: Adwords, Display network, Email Ads
48.Social Ads: FB, Messenger, IG, Line, …
49.Integrated Backoffice App
50.Integrated Market Place: Amazon, Lazada, …
51.Integrated MailChimp & Sendgrid
52.Integrated SMS Service
53.Subscribe & Member: Membership system and membership fees
54.Global Setting: Management system Setting up system
55.Notify Service

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